saving the planet

The Small Things that Go a Long Way in Saving the Planet

There are no two ways about it, our planet has limited natural resources. However, the earth’s population continues to rise – meaning that more of these resources are being used every day. In order to preserve our way of life for future generations, we need to be smarter about the way that we use our planet’s natural resources. Luckily, there has been more of a focus on “saving the planet” in recent times, as people think of new ways to be more environmentally friendly. Here are some small things you can do that will go a long way:

Buy Economically

One small change to your lifestyle that can be made is buying more sustainable and environmentally friendly products. This can be done in many different ways. You can purchase foods that have been produced in an eco-friendly way and that use less packaging, reusing products such as bottles and bags instead of getting new ones every time you need them. There are plenty of products out there now that are made from recycled materials, try looking for them first.

saving the planet

Start Conserving Energy

We use a lot of energy in both our homes and in our jobs. A lot of the time (although steadily decreasing) this energy is produced using non-renewable resources. There are many different small changes you can make in order to conserve more energy. Things such as hanging clothes on a line instead of using a dryer, using energy efficient light bulbs or switching off plugs when you aren’t using them will go a long way to saving the planet.

Saving the Planet: Recycling

Recycling is such an easy thing to do, yet a lot of us will ignore doing it. There should hopefully be a range of different recycling bins in your home, school, university, work etc. Most places will have bins for garden waste, bottles/cans, glass and cardboard/paper. Make sure you are separating your waste in to the right bins.

saving the planet

Use Less Water

People use a lot of water. But this can use a lot of energy and in some places can result in water shortages. Try doing less laundry, taking shorter showers and not letting the tap run for as long. These are easy changes to make, but can be really effective.

Educate Other People

You may be doing a lot to be environmentally friendly and that is great. But how about telling other people (such as friends and colleagues) about the ways that they can be environmentally friendly. Doing things such as telling them to throw waste in the correct bin will help them make wiser decisions in the future.