renewable heat incentive Scotland

How the Renewable Heat Incentive Scotland Can Help You

The Renewable Heat Incentive Scotland was introduced back in 2012 by the Government. There had been more and more calls for them to encourage renewable energy sources rather than more traditional ones. The scheme comes in two forms – domestic and non-domestic – and aims to get 12% of all heating in the UK coming from renewable energy in 2020. This is done through monetary incentives through companies such as Heat Pumps Scotland. You may already be eligible for this funding, or are looking to install a renewable energy source at your property. Here are the benefits of the RHI:

·        How it Can Help Businesses

The Renewable Heat Incentive Scotland can have many benefits to your business. One of the biggest expenses that businesses have is their energy bills. Because companies usually use a lot of electricity to power what they are doing, bills can get expensive quickly. The RHI aims to get your company away from more expensive methods and turn to renewable energy sources. Add in the cheaper bills with the financial incentives that come with this scheme and your business will be saving a lot of money. As long as you keep meeting the requirements for the incentives, you will be getting payments for a long time. This can help give you an advantage over ever-increasing fuel prices.

renewable heat incentive Scotland

·        Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Scotland Requirements

There are several requirements that a business will need to meet in order to be eligible for the RHI scheme. In order to be eligible you will need to meet these requirements:

  1. To be the owner of the instillation (if there is several owners then there needs to be permission to act from all of them).
  2. Your renewable heat technology needs to be of eligible type and size
  3. Any part of the instillation can’t be paid for by a public grant (unless repaid)
  4. Renewable energy source must have been new at the time of instillation
  5. If using solid biomass, heat pumps or solar collectors equal or less than 45kWth then you must have Microgeneration Certification Scheme certification
  6. Uses either steam or liquid
  7. Provide heat for minimum one eligible heat use
  8. Not provide heating to a single domestic property
  9. Needs to include the correct types of meters that are correctly calibrated and in the right locations
  10. Meet the specific criteria for that particular technology

renewable heat incentive Scotland

·        How to Apply

If your business feels like it meets the requirements for funding, then you can get in contact with Heat Pumps Scotland. They have experts that will be able to talk you through the process and help you meet the eligibility rules.