temporary structures

Why More Events Are Using Sustainable Temporary Structures

Sustainable temporary structures have become an increasingly popular option for businesses putting on events. They can offer a wide variety of uses for these events. From dressing rooms, ticket offices all the way through to luxury dining areas – they have so many uses. These structures offer all the benefits that a permanent structure would and more – including being better for the environment. Here are just some of the reasons why these structures, available from VBS Structures and installed by Ten Ten Events Crew have become so popular:

Temporary Structures Have Gotten Better

Go back not long ago and there were very limited options when it came to holding an event. You would have to select somewhere that already had most of what you needed in place, really limiting your options. But now, temporary structures have improved greatly. These structures can be put up in no time at all and offer anything from a basic storage space, all the way through to a VIP-level area. What is even better is that they won’t permanently damage the environment as they can easily be dissembled when you are finished using them.

More Options for Location

Having an event in a major city can be great because you will more than likely have venues, transport and more in place. However, sometimes they aren’t an option. Maybe you want a party in a more rural and reclusive are but there isn’t a suitable venue. These structures – that can be assembled by an events crew – can be put up in any location. Perfect for having a rural wedding.

A Backup Option

Unfortunately the weather in Britain is not exactly reliable. You may have planned out the perfect open air event in a field somewhere, yet it gets to the day and the rain has started pouring. One of these structures can offer a backup option in case this happens. They are easily assembled and dissembled meaning that they won’t cause much hassle at all. It’s always good to have a plan b just in case.

Space for the Event Crew

Having a short-term space solution for your event is an easy option. Not only can it be used by the guests at your event, but can also added extra space for the staff. It is important to remember to keep the people that are working at your event happy. This way they will be more positive towards guests, ensuring that everyone has a great time.


One of the best things about these structures is that they are a temporary, sustainable solution. Not only do they not permanently scar the landscape, but they can be used numerous times in numerous locations. Materials won’t have to be constantly used to keep building structures as you can simply move them on to the next location when you are finished with them.