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How to Start a Recycling Programme for Your Company

Companies are beginning to understand the benefits that come with recycling and being a green company. Knowing how to reduce your resource-consumption are the fundamental steps when you are trying to become a more eco-friendly brand. Consumers will value your brand more and your company will have a slightly higher budget if you play your cards right.

Solar panel field and windmill for green energy goes hand in hand with recycling

Getting Started

Getting your employees to take the first step is crucial and should be done before you make a ten-step plan for the company. Your employees are the company’s backbone and if they do not understand the need of the program there is no point in trying to get your company to go green. A lot of the waste generated by even a small business is recyclable. Knowing when and where you can use fewer resources will take you far. Even small changes can pave the road to a great recycling program that could then become what your brand stands for.

Get involved

Starting a recycling program for your employees to follow can help you budget your expenses better and also advertise yourself as an eco-friendly company. People are more aware than ever before and they want to contribute to something they believe in. Something as simple as using glasses instead of paper cups can be a starting point. It is believed that 87% of all office waste can be recycled but it is important to take it step by step. Instead of suddenly putting up signs all around the office with recyclable items, start with just one and then work your way up.

Scraps of cardboard with the words "reuse reduce" written across to promote cardboard recycling

Motivate employees to participate

Just starting a program does not mean your staff will automatically jump on board. Having meetings and explaining why you are taking these steps will ensure that your staff follows the new rules. You should also try and make it easier for your employees to recycle by thinking about it from their perspective. Adding a recycling bin for every employee will keep them involved and show them that you are serious about getting things done. You should also make sure you speak to your staff in person instead of passing on the message. They will only truly value what you are saying if it comes from the horse’s mouth.  If your staff is not passionate about the program it will be evident to everybody else including your customers so making sure everybody is on board should be something you focus on at all times.