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Glasgow Orthodontics: How Local Dentists Are Saving The Environment

One thing we have always wondered is how dentists manage to stay green. They are in contact with numerous chemicals every day. We have found that Glasgow Orthodontics clinics actually have some ways of saving the environment. In order to stay green as a business, there a number of steps they can take. We have outlined some of them in the article below. If you are a dentist and would like to find out how to be kind to the environment in your practice then this article is for you.

Read on and find out how local dentists are saving the environment.

Bulk Orders

One way that Glasgow orthodontics clinics can help to save the environment is through bulk purchasing. By buying equipment like gloves and masks in bulk, they will save loads on packaging and transport.

Glasgow Orthodontics

Steam Sterilisation

Many dental clinics use chemicals to sterilise their equipment. Another way to do this that will be less harmful to the environment is steam sterilisation. It does sometimes have a corrosive effect on some dental handpieces however this is a small price to pay very occasionally.


Moving from paper to digital is a great way to go green.  Saving paper is one of the biggest ways to save the environment.

Switching To Cloth

Changing from paper patient barriers to cloth is a great way to help the environment. This can also be said for lab coats and pouches. The cloth can be sterilised and reused rather than contributing to waste and pollution.

Rinse & Spit Cups

The same can be said for the paper or polystyrene cups used at the end of a visit to your local Glasgow orthodontics clinic. This could be changed to glass or similar at a small cost. These glasses can be steam sterilised after each use and remain safe and clean.

Glasgow Orthodontics

Recycling Metal Instruments

Another way that dentists can help the environment is by recycling their metal instruments. In the UK and the US, there are companies that will help with this. In the UK, companies like Environdent will collect your metal instruments and return them to you sterilised and of brand-new quality. This is a great way to recycle your metal instruments that may make them last a lot longer.

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