MAC is one of the major brands that prioritises recycling

Four Famous Brands that Prioritise In-House Recycling

Big brands around the world are spearheaded by the idea that fewer resources could mean more gains. A better reputation, saving energy and meeting legal responsibilities are some of the benefits that come with taking an eco-friendly step.

  • MAC Cosmetics-MAC is one of the most sustainable brands that give people looking to buy makeup a more environment-friendly option. MAC started an innovative solution to the landfills most of their products were destined for. If consumers bring back six empty tubes of MAC makeup they can get a new product free. This essentially urges consumers to buy more products, recycle the tubes and look at the company in a better light.

Apple is another one of the famous environmentally friendly brands

  • Apple- Greenpeace recently named Apple the world’s most environment-friendly tech company for the third year in a row. Apple scored an enviable 83% on the Greenpeace’s Clean Energy Index. Apple has solar energy stations all over the world and it is constantly taking steps to recycle and reuse material. They are even becoming more transparent with their consumers as time goes on. The tech giant says that 93% of all of its first-party processes use energy that comes from renewable sources.
  • Nike- Nike is a business that really seems dedicated to the cause when it comes to recycling. Over the years they have tried to motivate their customers to recycle with tons of innovative campaigns including the Reuse-a-shoe campaign. The campaign urges people to get their used shoes to a Nike store so that professionals will use the old material to make surfaces such as basketball courts, playgrounds and squash courts. This way instead of material being used by the truckload, it is given a second life by being used for something that matters.

Nike is one of the big brands dedicated to recycling

  • Crayola- Starting with children is a great way to get everyone involved and the future generation educated. The art supplies store has started a program that tries to teach kids how to recycle by tying up with various schools. The schools will then collect all of the used markers that have been used and send them to Crayola. Crayola will also pay for the shipping of these markers to their warehouse. The markers are then used to create burning fuel that can be used for other jobs. The program also makes it a point to explain to children why they are doing what they do by giving teachers lessons they could carry forward to the children.