Recycling bin in a back garden

Four Ideas to Help Your Business Get Started with Recycling

Getting started with a business plan can mean an extensive use of resources which means you need a pretty flexible budget and your eco-friendly stamp disappears. Reusing, recycling and limiting your use of materials can help save your business cash while also giving you a selling point to use. A few simple ideas could give you the push you need to get started and take you a long way.

• E-waste recycling: The worst form of garbage that the world is drowning in is e-waste and reducing your contribution could be a small step forward for everyone. Old computers, laptops and essentially anything digital can be used to make metals, plastic and glass that can be used all over again. Selling your e-waste to recyclers could earn your company a few extra bucks and be good for everyone at the same time.

Layers of cardboard that are going in the recycling

• Keep it simple- Your ideas do not have to involve a lot of money or even a huge difference, making a small mark in some way can be your first step that could lead to a more eco-friendly company. Reducing paper consumption in the office and limiting the number of cartridges everyone is using can create enough of a difference for your employees to take notice that you are going to be adding more changes.

• Focus on Quality- A lot of the time saving a buck, in the beginning, could lead to spending far more down the road. Investing in high-quality equipment and making sure that even if something happens it can easily be repaired, will save your business money and will reduce the amount of e-waste your company is producing.

Recycling dump with piles of materials that will be reused

• Reuse- Instead of using tons of plastic cups and plates around the office which is becoming more of a norm day by day, use plates and glasses that can be reused by employees. Investing in whiteboards could limit how much paper your employees are using for simple tasks like scribbling down a reminder. If you have food waste, rather than throwing it out you could donate it to a charity.

Only recycling what you have is not all you can do to have a green business, you can also try using products that are better for the environment and produce less waste. For example, the company car could be an electric car that does not depend on gas. Simple steps that would eliminate the need for a certain resource in the first place are probably the best way forward.