Recycling Your Old Workbenches for Garage

Recycling – or upcycling – are becoming increasingly common, especially among old pieces of furniture. More and more people are opting to revamp what they have rather than buying new. Not only is this better for the environment, it is also better for your bank balance. Here are some ways that you could recycle old workbenches for garage, as well as the advantages of recycling.

workbenches for garage

Ways That You Can Recycle Old Workbenches for Garage

Due to the natural rustic feel that you can get from old workbenches for garage, including it as a feature piece in a room can completely transform the look and feel. If rustic isn’t your thing, then they can be painted any colour either to blend in or stand out in a room.

Some of the many ways that you could recycle old workbenches for garage include;

Worktop and Sink

The good thing about workbenches for garage is that you already have a sturdy and versatile structure to work with. Repurpose your old workbench into a work top, with the addition of a sink. Not only will this give your bathroom a rustic feel, it can also provide great storage space and be a feature piece for the room.

Kitchen Island

If you have a large kitchen that feels like it’s missing something, then transforming a workbench into a kitchen island can be a fun and decorative way of recycling. There are many features that can be added to a workbench to make it a fully functional kitchen island.


This final recycling idea is probably one of the easiest to carry out and keeps the workbench pretty close to its original use. Turning old workbenches for garage into a desk can lift a room and make for great storage options.

Advantages of Recycling

Some of the advantages of upcycling workbenches for garage include;

Better for the Environment

It’s no secret that recycling is good for the environment, we as Brits throw away more than 300,000 tonnes of reusable furniture every year. So why do they when you can put your old furniture to good use and repurpose it to make it better.


Buying a new sink and worktop, a kitchen island, a desk or anything else that you can think of can be pretty expensive and the higher the quality, the more expensive things become. Repurposing old workbenches for garage is a far cheaper alternative.

Made to Last

Workbenches for garage are extremely sturdy and made to last. They need to ensure high volumes of pressure from heavy machinery and are constantly getting battered by tools. This makes them extremely durable and when you upcycle a workbench, you can almost guarantee that it will still be good for years to come.