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Recycling at Work Helps Recycling at Home: Reuse and Reduce

It can be difficult to get all our family to remember to keep recycling at home. Here are some reasons why recycling at work can help recycling at home. In the office, it is easier to remember to recycle due to so many posters and different bins to help you remember. To help to recycle at home, if you have children you could get them to draw pictures and put them up on the wall. This way they will remember to recycle more as they have a small reminder in front of them. It also will help them to remember to recycle not just at home but also when at a friend’s house or even at the park.

recycling boxes for remembering to start recycling at work

Other Ways that Recycling at Work Helps Recycling at Home


Recycling in work can also help you to remember to recycle at home. This is because it becomes a habit, if you do it at work then you don’t need to think about it as much at home you will automatically remember. Reminding other people at work to recycle also helps you as it means you will remind people at home to recycle. Having young children in the house also helps you to encourage recycling. Children like to learn and copy what you do so by recycling children will pick up on it and want to do it as well.

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Ways to Recycle by Reusing Items


If you buy bottles of water to take to work or keep them for at home then instead of binning it you could refill it again and take a fresh bottle the next day. This would save you money as well because you wouldn’t go through as many bottles or have to buy another bottle on your lunch break. Another way to recycle would be to purchase a reusable water bottle. This would be useful and you would again save money because you wouldn’t need to buy bottles all the time


Ways to Help Remind Children to Recycle


Children love to make and create things. A good way to remind children to recycle would be to get them to keep items they have used and try make other things out of them. This is a good way to recycle as it also gets children into the mindset to recycle and be creative as well as have hours upon hours of fun at a little cost.