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Coffee Cup Lids to Waste from Botox Glasgow: Recycle Guide

From coffee cup lids to packaging waste from Botox Glasgow, businesses all over the city and the rest of the world are finally starting to put effort into reducing the amount of plastic waste being produced. In the UK we are now starting to see these changes. Although they are small, they are at least noticeable. This will hopefully open the eyes of those in our communities who don’t yet understand the severity of the environmental crisis. From pubs and restaurants banning plastic to all retail stores charging 5p per plastic carrier bag, we are finally seeing action being taken against the overuse of plastic in our daily lives. However, there are many public establishments that we know overindulge in the use of plastic and show no sign of implementing new plastic restriction policies. On top of that, what about the private businesses? In reality we have no idea how much plastic is used behind the scenes of every industry in the entire world and the likelihood is, the number is shockingly high.

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Medical Plastic Waste Material

Things in the medical profession are now much cleaner and more sanitized than 70 years ago. This goes not only for the general practices and hospitals but for anywhere that works with the body, including cosmetic surgeries and tattoo studios. One of the main reasons why there are far less infections within these industries today is the guarantee that needles, and all other such utensils that will penetrate the surface of the skin, are made for single use and are individually wrapped in plastic. Although this may be great for sanitation, it is detrimental to our planet as some plastics take up to 450 years to decompose. So, how can we resolve this issue? First of all we need to determine how much plastic is being used.

Clinics Performing Botox Glasgow and other Treatments Built on Plastic Foundations

There are currently over 300 secondary care hospitals in Scotland alone. On top of that there are GP surgeries, free clinics, specialised hospitals and clinics, and the rest of the UK to consider. Every prescription bottle, pill packet, syringe, scalpel, rubber glove and pretty much everything else being used in the medical profession comes in a plastic packaging that will be thrown away. There’s also piercing and tattoo studios where every needle is plastic wrapped. Plus every cosmetic surgery clinic performing fillers or Botox Glasgow will use needles and syringes in the hundreds on a weekly basis.

Row of a dozen disposable needles used for Botox Glasgow

Dr Darren McKeown’s Botox Glasgow

Dr Darren McKeown is arguably the best clinician in Scotland offering Botox Glasgow and other non-surgical treatments such as fillers and chemical peels. He and his team perform incredible amounts of treatments every year, for example in 2016 alone Dr Darren personally performed 3,200 fillers. That’s thousands of plastic packaging being thrown away every year from one treatment by one person alone. Thankfully Dr McKeown ensures to recycle the clean plastic he removes from unused syringes every day in his bid to help the environment.