Recycling bin in a back garden

Four Ideas to Help Your Business Get Started with Recycling

Getting started with a business plan can mean an extensive use of resources which means you need a pretty flexible budget and your eco-friendly stamp disappears. Reusing, recycling and limiting your use of materials can help save your business cash while also giving you a selling point to use. A few simple ideas could give you the push you need to get started and take you a long way. • E-waste recycling: The worst form of garbage that the world is drowning in is e-waste and reducing your contribution could be a small step forward for everyone. Old computers, laptops and essentially anything digital can be used to make metals, plastic and glass that can be used all over again. Selling your e-waste to recyclers could earn your company a few extra bucks and be good for everyone at the same time. • Keep it simple- Your ideas do not

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