recycling at work recycle box

Recycling at Work Helps Recycling at Home: Reuse and Reduce

It can be difficult to get all our family to remember to keep recycling at home. Here are some reasons why recycling at work can help recycling at home. In the office, it is easier to remember to recycle due to so many posters and different bins to help you remember. To help to recycle at home, if you have children you could get them to draw pictures and put them up on the wall. This way they will remember to recycle more as they have a small reminder in front of them. It also will help them to remember to recycle not just at home but also when at a friend’s house or even at the park. Other Ways that Recycling at Work Helps Recycling at Home   Recycling in work can also help you to remember to recycle at home. This is because it becomes a habit, if you

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Blackout Blinds In Glasgow

Can I Recycle My Blackout Blinds In Glasgow?

Changing your blinds can completely reinvent any room in your home. It’s a great way to update the space and make it more stylish or inviting. However, what can we do with our old blackout blinds in Glasgow once we’re done with them? Is it possible to recycle them? Today we are looking at how we can go about recycling our blackout blinds. Whether your repurpose the blinds within the home or recycle them as waste, these blackout blinds in Glasgow don’t have to go to the dump. Find out now how to recycle your blinds in Glasgow.

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Gaming Jobs

Malta Today: Environmentally Conscious & Gaming Jobs

Many people don’t realise how amazing Malta is. From its incredible commitment to helping the environment to the futuristic gaming jobs that continue to thrive, Malta is where it’s at. It manages to combine its incredible history with an up and coming economy of today. Although it has long been considered a wonderful holiday destination, we are here to convince you that it is so much more than that. Read on and discover why Malta is amazing, environmentally and also economically.

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Flat lay of equipment used for Botox Glasgow laid out on desk with doctors hands checking off a list on a clip board

Coffee Cup Lids to Waste from Botox Glasgow: Recycle Guide

From coffee cup lids to packaging waste from Botox Glasgow, businesses all over the city and the rest of the world are finally starting to put effort into reducing the amount of plastic waste being produced. In the UK we are now starting to see these changes. Although they are small, they are at least noticeable. This will hopefully open the eyes of those in our communities who don’t yet understand the severity of the environmental crisis. From pubs and restaurants banning plastic to all retail stores charging 5p per plastic carrier bag, we are finally seeing action being taken against the overuse of plastic in our daily lives. However, there are many public establishments that we know overindulge in the use of plastic and show no sign of implementing new plastic restriction policies. On top of that, what about the private businesses? In reality we have no idea how

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Sea green recycling bin with "Re-Use" written in white across the front

The Big Helpful Guide to Begin Recycling in the Workplace

There are many ways that you can encourage co-workers to recycle in the work place. For example having separate bins specifically for different items such as for plastic cups and bottles, a separate bin for cardboard boxes used for delivering office equipment. However instead of binning these items they could be reused which could help make a massive impact on the planet as more and more people are coming up with new and efficient ways to start recycling. Ways to recycle plastic cups in the workplace Cutting down on the use of plastic cups or reusing the same cup more than once is a way in which recycling in the workplace could be managed. When using the water machine for a sip of water, instead of binning the cup and taking a new one you could reuse it. This means that if more people repeat these actions less plastic cups

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renewable heat incentive Scotland

How the Renewable Heat Incentive Scotland Can Help You

The Renewable Heat Incentive Scotland was introduced back in 2012 by the Government. There had been more and more calls for them to encourage renewable energy sources rather than more traditional ones. The scheme comes in two forms – domestic and non-domestic – and aims to get 12% of all heating in the UK coming from renewable energy in 2020. This is done through monetary incentives through companies such as Heat Pumps Scotland. You may already be eligible for this funding, or are looking to install a renewable energy source at your property. Here are the benefits of the RHI:

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saving the planet

The Small Things that Go a Long Way in Saving the Planet

There are no two ways about it, our planet has limited natural resources. However, the earth’s population continues to rise – meaning that more of these resources are being used every day. In order to preserve our way of life for future generations, we need to be smarter about the way that we use our planet’s natural resources. Luckily, there has been more of a focus on “saving the planet” in recent times, as people think of new ways to be more environmentally friendly. Here are some small things you can do that will go a long way:

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temporary structures

Why More Events Are Using Sustainable Temporary Structures

Sustainable temporary structures have become an increasingly popular option for businesses putting on events. They can offer a wide variety of uses for these events. From dressing rooms, ticket offices all the way through to luxury dining areas – they have so many uses. These structures offer all the benefits that a permanent structure would and more – including being better for the environment. Here are just some of the reasons why these structures, available from VBS Structures and installed by Ten Ten Events Crew have become so popular:

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: How To Save The Environment At Home

If you are wondering how to stay green while at home then we have ten great tips to help you protect the environment and maybe even save money in the process. The resources on earth are finite and we need to be more mindful of our actions. There is loads of advice online these days on how to stay green. Try and implement one or two of these recommendations at a time. Slowly you will become the earth-saving aficionado you’ve dreamed of being. Read on and find out how to save the environment from your home.

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Glasgow Orthodontics

Glasgow Orthodontics: How Local Dentists Are Saving The Environment

One thing we have always wondered is how dentists manage to stay green. They are in contact with numerous chemicals every day. We have found that Glasgow Orthodontics clinics actually have some ways of saving the environment. In order to stay green as a business, there a number of steps they can take. We have outlined some of them in the article below. If you are a dentist and would like to find out how to be kind to the environment in your practice then this article is for you. Read on and find out how local dentists are saving the environment.

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