The Uses and Applications of Nitrogen Generators

The food and beverage industry is one of the numerous industries that utilize nitrogen. This gas is in widely used in food processing and packaging to ensure the safety of finely dispersed substances. Moreover, it is also used in pharmaceuticals. The price of nitrogen is highly volatile and the supply is limited. This article will provide information on the uses and applications of these gas. It is also important to understand that the use of nitrogen in food and beverages is a good way to cut down on costs and improve productivity.


What Are Nitrogen Generators?

On-site nitrogen generators are cost-effective compared to purchasing gas from vendors. These systems require an internal logistics team and trucking companies to transport nitrogen. For industrial users, nitrogen storage facilities are necessary. They need to maintain a certain temperature and pressure to prevent damage to the product. In addition, industrial operators may need to set up a proper storage facility for their products. If there are fluctuations in temperatures during transit, the products can lose their purity. These devices are ideal for many industrial applications and can be extremely useful in preventing contamination.

Besides being an important industrial setting, nitrogen generators have other benefits as well. These devices can reduce the amount of oxygen in the air. They can also protect the materials from oxidation, which degrades common materials. According to a recent study, oxidation costs the world economy about $2.5 trillion annually. Because of this, it is vital to create a stable supply of nitrogen in the environment.


The Benefits Of Nitrogen Generators

One of the biggest benefits of nitrogen generators is that they can save on freight costs. By using a nitrogen generator in a manufacturing facility, companies can avoid having to rely on third-party suppliers. It will also eliminate the need for specialized equipment, which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is the best way to reduce costs.

There are many advantages of nitrogen generators over other methods of supply. The use and application of these devices are very diverse. They are a reliable and cost-effective alternative to cylinder and liquid nitrogen. They can even be used in wastewater treatment plants. The application of nitrogen generators is not limited to industrial settings. The widest range of applications is in the chemical industry. However, some people may not be aware of these benefits.

The ability to generate nitrogen on-site allows companies to manage the supply of nitrogen, reducing costs, delays, and price fluctuations. It also eliminates the hazards associated with handling high-pressure cylinders and eliminates the need for expensive transport and storage facilities. Furthermore, it eliminates the waste of high-pressure bottles and cylinders. Finally, nitrogen generators are economical to install and operate, and the installation and operation costs are lower than if they are purchased from a third party.

The majority of nitrogen generators use membrane technology. Compressed air passes through a carbon molecular sieve. The Carbon Molecular Sieve adsorbs larger molecules, leaving only high purity nitrogen. The process requires two carbon molecular sieve (CMS) columns. The first one de-purifies the air and the second removes oxygen from the nitrogen.

The main component of nitrogen generators is a separation membrane. It contains thousands of hollow fibres. As compressed air flows through the fibres, two different types of gases pass through. Fast gases escape through the fast fibres, while slow gases, like the one containing the nitrogen, pass slowly through the thin wall. As the gas passes through the membrane, it forms a high-purity stream at the outlet. Since the membrane contains no moving parts, it is easy to maintain the desired pressure.

Final Words

In addition to being cheaper and more efficient, nitrogen generators can be easily expanded as needed. Some manufacturers offer modular systems for on-site production. This design allows for easy expansion and can even be used in the event of a need to increase the size of the plant. The installation process is simple and can be completed by a qualified fire sprinkler fitter within an hour. It is also useful for enterprises looking to expand in the future, as it allows them to add new capacity at a minimal cost. It is a cost-effective solution for the production of nitrogen as it allows companies to control the supply of nitrogen. IIn addition, the process of generating nitrogen on-site eliminates waste associated with boil-off losses and high-pressure bottles. This means that the investment in a nitrogen generator pays off in the long run.