Is Renewable Energy Affordable?

It may seem like a dumb question but is renewable energy affordable? The answer is an unambiguous no – we cannot afford not to build solar panels or wind turbines to meet the ever-growing energy needs of the planet.

As the planet is becoming increasingly populated, more people are being forced to use less energy. The average cost of energy production has been steadily rising over recent years, while the need for new renewable sources of power for reducing global warming continues to grow. As a result, the prices of electricity, gas, oil and other fuels have continued to rise.

Energy And Renewable Energy

While fossil fuel resources do not seem to be in great supply at this time, some fossil fuels (including coal) are being used up even faster than the fossil fuels that will eventually run out. As a result, the amount of fossil fuels that must be burned to produce energy is increasing as the world’s energy demands continue to increase. With a shortage of fossil fuels in sight, it makes sense to look at alternative sources of energy.

In order to meet the future needs of the planet, it is important for individuals and communities to consider using renewable energy as their primary source of energy. This type of energy is free and abundant – and it is affordable.

As previously mentioned, renewable energy does not come at a high cost, yet it is considered to be an investment – and in many cases a necessary one. Once installed, renewable energy can often pay for itself over a long period of time, or even offset the cost of its installation completely.

For anyone wanting to find out is renewable energy affordable, the only answer is yes. If you are looking for ways to reduce your energy consumption and save money on your utility bills, renewable energy is a good place to start. By purchasing a unit for your home, your energy needs will be met by an easy, convenient and affordable form of energy.


There are a number of companies now selling solar energy systems that you can install yourself. These are affordable but can also provide you with a number of benefits. Depending on your location, you might be able to receive some or all of the power you need from the sun.

Renewable energy will always be the best source of power available – because it is easily created, renewable and sustainable. When compared to the alternative forms of power such as coal, oil and gas, it is the only source of usable power that is “green.”

The next time you ask the question “Is renewable energy affordable?” think of all the alternatives. You might be surprised – and it might not be as difficult as you thought.